Contrary to popular thought, direct mailing often times is the best way to reach current and prospective customers. While “snail mail” is frequently thought of in a prehistoric light, contemporary research reveals that consumers enjoy receiving – and consuming – professional and informative direct mail pieces. They look at them … and they remember what they say when the time comes. Thriftco Printing provides a wide range of direct mail and mail house services, multiple piece inserting, postal sorting, and addressing. With CASS certification of your mailing list and applied bar-coded addresses you receive the lowest postage rates. Provide us your marketing piece and mailing list and let us do the rest.

Direct Mail

What is Thriftco Printing’s direct mail offering?

We provide our clients with professional mailing services that include:
● Your printed direct mail piece is USPS “design compliant”
● Use NCOA and CASS certification software
● Analyze mailing “class/rate” costs for savings
● Print, Fold, Address, Stuff, Seal (As Required)
● Presort, bar code, package, tray or sack, and deliver to the post office
● Complete all the post office paperwork
● Use our indicia and save the cost of opening a postal permit
● What is national change of address? Th U.S. postal service software we use takes out the bad addresses on your list. If you don’t use it you need to add ” or Current resident”
● How much space do I need for the address block? We require a 4.5″ wide x 2.5″ tall clear white space to address
Please call us at 978-531-5546 to assist you with your next direct mail project.

How do you protect confidential data used our direct mail campaigns?

Data security is imperative to Thriftco Printing and our clients. For over 30 years, we’ve protected the confidentiality of the information our clients share with us. We are happy to sign a Business Associate Agreement to formalize our relationship.