Thriftco Printing is a full-service union printer specializing in professional-quality election printing and marketing products. Since 1972, the Thriftco Printing team is proud to have worked closely with thousands of candidates and their political campaign staff to meet all their election print marketing needs.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you select, design, and deliver the right election-focused materials to the right audience. Our goal is to help you execute a successful campaign strategy using impactful, high-quality, customized election print products. We want you to stand above the crowd. As a full union print shop, we can design and print a full line of quality products and materials including yard signs, lapel stickers, bumper stickers, door hangers, buttons, palm cards, mailers, dear-friend cards, banners, postcards, fundraiser invitations and more.

Election Printing

What makes Thriftco Printing your best election printing choice?

We understand what it takes to win elections and we put this value-add into every campaign material we print for you. Our president, Barry has won multiple elections, run campaigns, and assisted many candidates win elected office.

Can you print the union label?

Yes, Thriftco is a union print shop. We design and print a full-line of customized election printing and signage products.

What types of political products do you print?

Thriftco has printed campaign products for many types of candidates including mayors, city councilors, selectman, state senators, congressman, union officials, and presidential candidates. We print palm cards, postcard mailers, brochures, door hangers, business cards, dear friend cards, invitations, yard signs, stickers and more!. Thriftco also specializes in large format signage. We can print signage up to 5′ x 10′ foot signs for candidates really looking to make an impact.

Do you offer full color election printing?

Yes, and we can print small quantities for small campaigns or large quantities for national campaigns.

Are you able to offer fast turnaround for election campaign materials?

Yes, we can turn your job around quickly, sometimes in a days time when needed.

Can you make outdoor campaign lawn signs?

Yes, our team are experts with lawn and other types of campaign signs. We can print on all types of materials that can be used for campaign events or to display voter support. We also can print full color signage at a reasonable cost.

Can you print campaign decals?

Yes, we produce decals for a variety of applications and surfaces, weatherproof reflective, numbered, super tough, etc.

Are you able to make campaign magnetic car signs?

Yes, send us your artwork files and we can produce campaign magnetic signs for your truck.

Do you offer campaign direct mail services?

We have extensive experience with successful direct mail campaigns. Call us today at 978-531-5546 to discuss what you’d like to accomplish.

Product Details:

Lapel stickers and buttons

People like to be a part of a community. Lapel stickers and buttons help your supporters identify with each other. Use these products at all your events to help build your community of voters. We can help you design products that are vibrant and capture your message so your supporters will wear them proudly for all to see. We have many different size and shape lapel stickers and buttons that you can choose from.

Door hangers

When properly designed and effectively written, a professionally printed door hanger sometimes is all a voter needs to make a final decision. The typical door hanger is large enough to contain significant and important information about where you stand as a candidate and as a person. Let our team help you determine what information and graphics your door hanger should include.

Yard signs

Eye-catching, high-quality election campaign yard signs are one of the most impactful tools a candidate can use to get his or her name directly in front of voters. While designing a political yard sign may seem simple, it is not. Many complex design elements are in play when constructing an impactful yard sign. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of experts would be happy to help you design a sign that gives you the advantage you want. With our advanced flatbed printer, we can print your yard sign up to 5 x 10 feet

Bumper stickers

Effective bumper stickers are a visual work of art. They must be instantaneously readable and recognizable. Let our team of experienced design experts help you create a bumper sticker that gets your name and “message” across (and remembered) with just a casual glance.

Postcards and dear friend cards

Believe it or not, direct mail remains one of the most effective marketing methods today. Despite the growth of email and social media, voters still take the time to read postcards in the quiet of their own homes. An informative, properly timed, professional postcard or “dear friend” card can inspire voters to conduct more research about you and your message … or serve as a bulletin board/kitchen countertop reminder that you are the candidate they want.

Direct Mail

Contrary to popular thought, direct mailing oftentimes is the best way to reach current and prospective customers. While “snail mail” is frequently thought of in a prehistoric light, contemporary research reveals that consumers enjoy receiving – and consuming – professional and informative direct mail pieces.They look at them … and they remember what they say when the time comes.

Palm cards

Small enough to fit in your pocket, yet impactful enough to command attention, your palm cards should be designed to inspire voter curiosity about you, prompt them to look further into your candidacy, and remember your name. We can help you design a truly memorable and effective palm card.


As a serious candidate, you’ll be surprised by how many opportunities you will have to display a professional banner at events, including guest speaking engagements, meet-and-greets, etc. You and your team should always carry your banner(s) with you and place them prominently whenever possible. Quality, professional banners add an enhanced level of excitement and commitment to every occasion. We can help you maximize the impact of your banner investment.

Union Election Printing FAQs

● What makes Thriftco Printing your best election printing choice? ● Can you print the union label? ● What types of political literature do you print?